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ENEREX Best Start (Mint - 265 gr)

ENEREX Best Start (Mint - 265 gr)

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  • Balance blood sugar
  • Boost your mental alertness
  • From certified organic whole foods
  • Naturally increase energy levels
  • Premium blend of proteins, greens & mushrooms
  • Description

    ENEREx - Best Start - 265 Gram(s) - NPN: 0 -- Revitalize. Restore. Restart.Breathe life into each new day with Enerex BEST START!, an energy bolstering drink meant to increase mental focus, enhance muscle tone & stamina, and naturally uplift while helping to keep blood sugar in check. It offers complete protein from omega-rich seeds & gluten-free grains, with MCT fats, energizing green superfoods & stimulating mushrooms.

    INGREDIENTSOrganic Raw Hemp Seed,organic Raw Chia Seed,Raw Sprouted Quinoa,Organic Barley Juice,Organic Reishi,Organic Lions Mane,Organic Lions ManeOrganic Spearmint and Organic Peppermint.
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