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NIA PURE NATURE - Moringa Hand & Body Cream - 118 Millitre

NIA PURE NATURE - Moringa Hand & Body Cream - 118 Millitre

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NIA PURE NATURE - Moringa Hand & Body Cream - 118 Millitre(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- This All Natural Body & Hand Cream is made with cocoa butter, mango butter, cupuaçu butter, and shea butter, blended with Moringa seed oil, and coconut oils. Organic Moringa oil contains high levels of tocopherols and carotene, which are converted to vitamin A. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa oil is known to treat and heal minor skin abrasions, while the antioxidants and nutrients fight free radical damage that can cause skin tissue damage. Cupuaçu Butter helps improve skin elasticity by supporting the skin proteins collagen and elastin. Each butter has shown to help certain skin conditions and ailments while offering additional elasticity and conditioning properties.This All Natural Body & Hand Cream nourishes and repairs your skin all day long. This fast-absorbing cream spreads evenly. It is enriched with the powerful organic Moringa seeds oil and organic cupuaçu butter. It keeps your skin soft and moisturized all day long. Filled with botanical ingredients, essential oils, and mineral complexes purposely chosen for their known benefits to the skin. It has: NO chemical preservatives NO parabens NO mineral oils NO synthetic dyes NO gluten NO phthalatesMade in Canada

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