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SWIFF SPRAY - 30 Millilitre(s)

SWIFF goes on fabrics and kills the source of body and pet odours. Its long-lasting formulation means you and your clothes stay odour-free for at least 5 washes, and often more than 50. A single bottle has 300 sprays of each ingredient, so you can coat the armpits of 15+ shirts, 20+ pairs of socks or shoes, 2-5 pet beds, or 5+ towels.

This means months of odour protection from a single bottle! Not only will you save hundreds each year by ditching your deodorant, you can also stop rubbing nasty chemicals all over your pits or spraying toxic fragrances all over your stuff.

SWIFF can also be used on bathmats, towels, sofas, upholstery, grout, plushies, shoes, socks, jackets, yoga mats, and nearly any other item.

Other benefits of SWIFF:

🐶 Pet-Safe & Kid-Safe - Hypoallergenic
🌿 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Cruelty-Free
✈️ TSA-compliant and safe for planes
💨 Odourless & Colourless
🔬 Backed by peer-reviewed science
⏲️ Incredibly Long Lasting (at least 5+ washes, with odour protection often lasting 50+ machine washes)
⛔ Free from Synthetic Chemicals, PFAS, Parabens, and Propellants
⛔ Free from Aluminum, Zinc, Nanoparticles, and Microparticles


  • Lay out your clean clothes, fabrics, pillows, or whatever else.
  • Spray the silver 5-10 times on problem areas like armpits.
  • Spray the plant antioxidant 5-10 times on the same area.
  • Let it air dry (about 5 minutes) and you're ready to go! If the spray droplets bead up on your fabric, let the spray sit for 5 minutes and then gently spread it over the object with a tissue and let it dry.

Spray about 6-10 inches (15-25 centimetres) from the fabric for best results.

30 ml (15 ml of silver solution and 15 ml of gallnut extract)

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