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HOMEOCAN Hemorrhoid Cream (50 gr)

HOMEOCAN Hemorrhoid Cream (50 gr)

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  • Hemorrhoid Cream, to relieve you from its symptoms naturally!
  • Description

    Homeocan - Hemorrhoid Cream - 50 Gram(s) - NPN: 80021914 -- This hemorrhoid cream is a homeopathic medicine. It is formulated to relieve symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, such as:- discomfort- irritation- burning pain- swelling- fissures- itching- and constipationHowever, we advise you to take these remedies in addition to traditional medical treatment. Homeopathy can not replace a treatment prescribed by a professional.

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • Fish oil1000 mg
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Gelatin
    • Glycerin
    • Purified water
    • Vitamin E
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