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W.GIFFORD-JONES Medi C Plus w/ Calcium (Berry - 600 g)

W.GIFFORD-JONES Medi C Plus w/ Calcium (Berry - 600 g)

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DR GIFFORD JONES - Medi~C Plus Berry w/ Calcium - 1 Kilogram(s) - NPN: 80035260

Dr. Gifford-Jones created Medi-C Plus with Calcium, to help humans supplement Vitamin C and Lysine. Vitamin C and Lysine work together to build collagen, which strengthens and holds together the coronary cells. Inadequate amounts of the vitamin C mean poor collagen. Medi-C Plus produces healthy collagen, dissolves cholesterol deposits, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases the blood flow to coronary arteries. INGREDIENTS
Calcium ... 179 mg
L-Lysine ... 1300 mg
Vitamin C ... 2000 mg

Non Medicinal Ingredients
Citric acid, Lime Flavour, Natural boysenberry flavour, Natural strawberry flavour, Orange flavour, Stevia rebaudiana leaf, Xylitol, DIRECTIONS & USE
Dissolve one 6.5 cc scoop (5g) in 250ml of water or juice.

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